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Project type

Theatre Showcase


7th June 2023


Parish Centre, Dundrum Main Street

Pieces Performed

Antigone, CARE, X Factor, Poetry, Monologues

The parish hall in Dundrum has been a hive of activity over the past couple of weeks as pressure builds for this special evening. There is nothing like a show night to get minds focused and performances locked into place. This year we have a judging panel and there will be a number of awards given. The prize giving ceremony will take place after the tea break.

The pieces you will see this evening are drawn from our Advanced Drama Class and Drama Club. Our physical theatre tutor Ronan Dempsey worked with the students on the production of Care and Niamh Dillon worked with the students on Antigone.

All of the other performances have been chosen by the Blue Diamond members and in a number of cases written and performed by them. Conor Byrne came up with the story line for X factor and directed the show with some support, poems have been chosen, monologues written and lots of fun interspersed with some pain. We hope you have a magic evening as tonight is a celebration of the year's work and our members boundless creativity.

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