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Our theatre company is a project-based organisation that is dedicated to producing innovative and thought-provoking theatrical performances. We specialise in creating original works that explore a wide range of themes and issues, from personal struggles to societal challenges.

Mindful Island

A mental health computer game for adults with intellectual disabilities, it is available to qualified therapists in  the HSE to work with and supports users to improve their mental health. The game is a 7-week programme that  users complete  with a therapist. The game is adapted to CBT and mindfulness.

All voice overs were performed and recorded by actors in the Blue Diamond Drama Academy, and their avatars were based on their physical appearance.

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One Love

One Love is a joyous exploration of friendship, what it’s like to be in love and have a learning disability.

Paul and Orla are engaged and making plans for their future. One Love charts their journey toward their big day.

Blue Diamond Drama Academy is a new initiative that is providing a 3-year drama training for talented adult performers with an intellectual disability.

One Love has been researched and devised by the graduates of the academy.

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I’m certain in saying there was no better place to be tonight in this country than in Smock Alley Theatre to witness Blue Diamond Theatre Company perform their original devised play ‘One Love’ Comedy and even bigger comedy with the most deft timing and brilliance and then in an instant like all great drama the most devastating tragedy and only to return again to breathless comedy. They were pulling the strings and in total control of a couple of hundred people and no bother to them and all filmed live by RTE as they performed. A rapturous ovation naturally followed. These guys will be touring and must be seen by the public, the Arts Council, Government, and anyone who wants to be told a great story and be moved by the beauty of humanity. It’s an immense achievement and can match anything that happened on a stage tonight anywhere.


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