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3-Year Training Programme


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On the programme participants will study Shakespeare, Improvisation, Voice, Physical Theatre, Acting for Camera, and other modules. Students will work with text over the course of the 3 years, we will adapt tasks to the level of the student. There will be a considerable amount of physical activity which will include dance and daily warm-ups.


Over the course of the 3-year training the students will perform at the end of each year in a fully equipped theatre and will do practical projects which will include presentations and some research in their second and third year. The programme will support students develop their performance skills in addition to their confidence and communication skills.

Our 3-year drama training teaches professional performance skills. It is for adults over 18 years old who have learning disabilities, with previous drama experience. Students work with leading arts professionals to create performances in different styles and explore different ways of making a career as a performer. 

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